In 2019, the Town Board made a commitment to investing in its sanitary sewer infrastructure. We have established a program of inspecting and repairing sewer pipes that are past their useful life.

To date, we have been able to identify 7,625 linear feet of pipe for rehabilitation. And recently United Survey has been able to complete the work for 2021.

The employees at the Town’s Sewer Department using our crawler sewer camera and the NASSCO rating system have identified 7,500 more feet to be repaired.

This work order will be presented to the board this fall for approval, with the work scheduled for the next construction season.

Finally, the employees of the Town Sewer Department need to be recognized for their ability to embrace new technology and equipment, and their enthusiasm to learn the National Standards for coding pipe deficiencies. This has provided the Town the opportunity to proactively manage their sewer infrastructure and cost effectively upgrade the collection system to better serve the residents.