Andrew Slotman

For Highway Superintendent

Andrew Slotman is excited to bring his extensive construction and infrastructure management background and a new perspective to the Highway Superintendent role. Andrew has served in numerous roles that make him uniquely qualified to be Orchard Park’s next Superintendent of Highways. He served as the Director of Public Works for the Village of Orchard Park between 2007 and 2015. Since 2015, Andrew has served as the head of the Town of Orchard Park water, sewer, and street light department. Andrew hopes to bring his comprehensive knowledge and experience to the office of Highway Superintendent, paving the way to a sustainable future for Orchard Park.

My Credentials …

  • Endorsed Republican and Conservative Candidate
  • Owner and operator of private plumbing, heating, and excavation company
  • Head of Village of Orchard Park Public Works Department
  • Head of the Town of Orchard Park Sewer, Water, and Street Light Department
  • Current Highway Superintendent of the Town of Orchard Park
  • Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 285

My Objectives …

  • Complete implementation of NASSCO certified sewer inspection program
  • Improving the level of service for leaf and brush collection
  • Improve communication between the Highway Department and the community to keep you better informed
  • Institute proactive asset management protocols
  • Utilize new technologies and equipment to provide faster and more economical service.

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